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Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Angels Among Us

Somehow all that we have gathered. All that we have learned to date, is gently swept to the side, during the holiday.

With gatherings and meet-ups we forget to give our lessons a look and pay attention with more detail. Meditation is shortened. The gym…maybe. Mundane duties will be done tomorrow.

It’s all forgivable. Tis the season. Until the universe taps us on the shoulder, the best way it knows how, by reminding us to get back to what makes us whole. What completes us?

What restores and what replenishes us?

What gets us through the hard times and what resets us? While with family, in the midst of the holiday season I too, have put things to the side and have gotten off course, until I took a selfie with the family under the bean (in Chicago) -

a reflection of you and all that surrounds you.

Reminding me to return to what is and

know I’m never alone and guided. This photo says it all.

What an auspicious and gentle reminder...of what is and what is to come.

Angels among us


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