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“...I would like to thank Eunice for showing me my Akashic Record. I was glad to hear and understand that no matter what we are experiencing, there is good fortune ahead for all us”. 

- Thank you Jeannette

“...I really did not know what to expect. It was truly a wonderful experience as she guided me to learn that our potential and our destinies are already part of the Universal record. The insights that I received greatly impacted me as to how I can better live my life. I recommend that you explore with Eunice your Akashic Record and see how wonderful and truly blessed we all are.”

- Joe

“ I was yearning for clarity and direction as to how to proceed on my life journey. The answers I received helped quell anxiety I have had about going forward.   The answers I received were confirmation of recent choices I have made. The answers I received have provided a roadmap for my future.  I'm now able to draw upon the Akashic Record reading as I make life plans and decisions.”

- Lauren C

“Immediately I could feel and recognize Eunice’s connection to the Records as pure.  This enabled me to trust and feel at ease.  The information I received confirmed and expanded on what I have always felt as my life's purpose.  I walked away in awe and inspired.  Thank you for what you do!”

- Paula X

When I came to Eunice to check my Akashic Records I was kind of confused about what was happening in my life, but with the information she has actually able to give me I realize that I am on the path and I’m doing all the right things I just have to stop and just take it one day at a time..”

- Ken M

“I had an Eunice Akasha Reading. It was a fantastic experience in a practical way! The reading gave me information that I didn’t know I was missing. All of my questions were answered about my spiritual next steps, family concerns and things about my next intimate relationship. Answers to money concerns were explained and clear suggests were given too. Eunice’s ability to open the Akashic Records was done in  Beauty, Sensitivity and Insightful way. She elicited and directed me to refocus my questions in order to get clear answers. Through Eunice I received an Akashic Reading in a very real way and it was filled with important information. This reading has definitely given me information to help me and to enrich my life. Thank You Eunice” 

- Shoadire

 I had an Akashic Record reading with Eunice Marchman in December. Eunice has a gentle and soothing voice and she made me feel comfortable.

This was my first experience with Akashic Records.
It was a great experience and the best part was that my Mother came through.

What Eunice said was almost word to word what a psychic told me a few years ago,
To me it validated how good Eunice is and I am very open to another reading.
Thanks for making me feel good.
Joanne E Constance

- Joanne E Constance

"I had a reading with Eunice and I was impressed.  She is understanding.  She would ask for me to  clarify my questions if I wasn't clear.  The answers I got from the Masters were clear and some of the answers were what I was thinking of doing. It was a validation to some of the decisions I was planning on making in my life.

Thanks, Eunice."

I thought you were writing to explain to me what you said that I had already walked through the fire...

- Blessings Elizabeth

 I wasn’t very familiar with reiki healing before I experienced it. Before my first session, I remember that I was having a rough day and felt overwhelmed that whole week. After my reiki experience with Eunice, I physically felt as if I had gotten an intense massage and spent a day at a spa. Mentally, I felt clear, balanced, and able to take on the rest of my day. It expanded my understanding of how potentially powerful this healing can be.​​"

- Sarah 

“I received the most enlightening Akashic reading from Eunice.  Her presence, compassion and knowing is astounding. Our session together brought me immense clarity and allowed me to access deep internal healing. Thank you Eunice. ”

- DJ

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