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What the universe told me!

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

Like so many, we all are reinventing ourselves and taking a leap of faith. Except this time, we are mindful, clear, and passionate than ever in doing so, because what we do counts and has deeper meaning for ourselves and for those around us. Whatever we have been called to do, the time is here and now- passionately and in a state of grace as we see our efforts unfolding. Simply because of the uncertainty of tomorrow. As we move forward with our epiphanies, ideas, or ah ha moments- we step into them with purpose and more fulfilled than ever. There are no mistakes. What does not pan out will lead you to the next best thing.

One of the greatest movements of this time is now; we are not alone in all that we do. We are being guided, moved, and listened too with such great discernment, everything is possible, just for the asking! And why not?! We have nothing to lose, in a time such as this. This is the time, as a practitioner, healer, teacher, whatever you do, that we've been waiting for. Everything is in perfect harmony and in alignment in following your ideas and dreams.

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