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First Time...

This past weekend I attended a private party and gave guest readings. What I loved the most was the majority of the attendees had never had a reading of any kind, let alone an Akashic Reading. That itself intensifies the energy and reading (for me that is). Typically first timers are scared or nervous. And oh yeah, they bring a friend or support group to sit in with them.

Can I just mention, having a wingman is never a good idea in this case. That's another blog...hanging with my hommies blog. First of all, doing anything for the first time takes courage and to sit and have a soul to soul counsel reading with your higher self is beyond courage. It's like St. Daniel's courage. Once I open the records with your full name we have soul dialogue in a divine, higher vibration/realm. The energy at this point only allows what's good for your highest self. Your best you! It's always such a magical moment (for me) because I become a conduit of divine energy in order to deliver the message!

If you're considering having a reading for the first time, I encourage you to trust in the universe, keep an open mind and make sure your intuition aligns harmoniously with the person facilitating the reading; have a good feeling about the person in front of you. Listen to the whispers of your soul and allow the resonance of a deep, genuine connection.

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